Drupal 8.3.0: First Impressions

Submitted by loonyadmin on Fri, 04/07/2017 - 20:58

I would like to share with you my first impressions of the new Drupal minor version 8.3.0. In advance I have to admit that my expections were high and that I was really excited to get my Hands on the new version.

After the release I first read over the release notes and found that the update path for one experimantal module called Content Moderation was not as simple as expected. But hey they are experimental so they don't have to be perfect and so I did what was recommended in the release notes.

The update itself went through without any hickups, but afterwards I had an error in my status report, saying that the comment entity needs an update. I googled for a solution and found that you may either use Drush to do it for you,  may use the Devel module to execute the PHP code Drush executes from within the browser. I chose the Devel module because it was nice and easy and to get rid of the module afterwards is as easy as with any other module.

The new status report is really great, but the version shown on drupal.org is only visible if you enable Seven as administration theme. If you use Bartik as administration theme it looks a bit different. I also found a lot of  visual glitches when using the experimental modules. First I wasn't even able to see the Recent Log Messages Dialog because the broser window just went black. I had to do some cache invalidations run the update Skript to get that issue fixed. Also to add new content I just got a blank screen and the formatting wasn't that great, but now I have disabled all experimental modules and refreshed all caches and it seems as if everything looks fine again.

Due to the fact that I'm using a CDN and my webservers sit behind a load balancer I don't blame Drupal for the  black browser screens. But what did make me wonder is the entity issue. It wasn't the first time I had to do that and I'm wondering why the update script isn't able to perform such tasks.  All in all I would recommend everyone to update to Drupal 8.3.0. it's really worth the effort.

These are my first impressions, I may post some follow ups, in case i find some more things I would like to share with you. Until then...

Stay loony, stay happy!