Drupal fanboy sellout ;-)

Submitted by loonyadmin on Mon, 01/30/2017 - 21:00

Today I wonna  admit to you that I'm a Drupal fanboy. As you may see on this site it's  Drupal just out of the box without many customizations. The only add-on I added is the Captcha module to ensure that I don't get spam and/or to make brute force attacks a bit more tricky. I like Drupal because it is a real CMS without being that complicated.

Yes, it is for sure too big for such a small blog, I have on Loony Information and something like Wordpress would be much more appropriate. But I like the way I may do things in Drupal and I like the changes that were made when going from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. I have to admit that the migration to Drupal 8 is a hard one. I completely understand that not everyone is able to migrate immediately. But in my opinion it's worth every effort. Wordpress may have a bigger stake on the internet in terms of usage, but I like to use things that not everyone uses.

As a good fanboy of course I have to mention that I'm a member of the Drupal Association  you may see my badge here. So in case you like this website and you want to do me a favor just support Drupal too. It's never too late.

Support Drupal Association work

Many thank in advance for that from me and all Drupal users on this planet! 

Stay loony, stay happy!