Recent changes for the new year 2018

Submitted by loonyadmin on Sun, 01/28/2018 - 21:06

As some of you may have noticed I changed some things on the hompage of my website. I included a montly archive so you may go month by month and see what was published back then. I also revised my privacy policy,  such that they mirror the changes coming in May this year for all EU member states. I also put up links to the log in and the password recover page, that was my silent way of saying that registering for my page is open again. But until now I only got applications from known forum spammers, so I deleted all their accounts swiftly without giving them notice.

Behind the scenes I threw out Drush completely from my setup due to an issue which hindered me updating Drupal with the help of Drush at the beginning of January. I switched back to a self-written bash script which now allows me to upgrade Drupal to a new version without downtime. The idea behind it is simple: prepare the upgrade code with everything that is special to your site and when the prepare is finished rename the old site as backup and the new one as actual production version. This renameing task goes through in mili-seconds and the Apache webserver takes the new version without any issues. So my site has no downtime whatsoever during the next updates.

What I'm really curious about in the coming weeks:

  • The changes coming with Dupal 8.5 in March 2018
  • The changes coming with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as server version for AWS in April 2018


So exciting weeks to come and I will try to keep you up to date.