Drush & Drupal 8.4

Submitted by loonyadmin on Sat, 09/23/2017 - 10:13

Due to the fact that Drupal 8.4. is coming in October with a lot of new things, I thought about how to speed up the update process in such a way that there is almost no interruption to the website. And the solution was obvious: Drush. Drush is the command-line tool for administrating Drupal. Until now I had difficulties to install it on my VMs, but now it succeeded. So on October 4th, when Drupal 8.4 will be released, I'll be able to do the upgrade with Drush. With Drush there will be almost no interruption for the website to be online and autoscaling won't kick in due to unhealthy VMs when I upgrade Drupal. That's awesome!

I also bought some reserved instances within the last weeks to get my cost down and because I'm convinced that this website will stay on AWS for the coming years. With those reserved instances I'm also able to pay for a Multi-AZ Aurora database without paying much more than I would pay for a one AZ Aurora database without reservation. So now there is no single point of failure in my architecture on AWS anymore. This website gets more and more to the point where all best practices published by AWS are also implemented by this site.

As you may have seen, I also implemented a AWS banner in the footer of this Website, because I'm not only a Drupal fanboy, I also became a AWS fanboy within the last year. For me AWS is a big box of "LEGO-blocks for adults" which you may assemble as you wish and if you assemble them the right way it becomes awesome. For me it's just fun although it costs money!