Exciting Changes and 180° Turn

Submitted by loonyadmin on Fri, 07/14/2017 - 01:49

Due to recent and coming changes on AWS, there exciting changes happening with this website.

The first big thing is, that this website now uses the MySQL compatible version of Amazon Aurora as database. That is possible because the Frankfurt (eu-central-1) region got a third AZ. This not only makes Amazon Aurora possible now, but also Amazon EFS in the near future. 

A few months ago I wasn't very impressed by Amazon Aurora, because I had a lot of problems with migrating to it and there weren't small instances available for it. In addition it wasn't available in Frankfurt (eu-central-1). But now all that changed. It is available in Frankfurt and there are small instances available such that I may run Amazon Aurora within my own money limits, I set myself. Now I have to admit, it works just awesome. The main points, why I begin to like it, are:

- I don't have to provision disk space because it is provisioned for me and it scales with my database up and down as needed.

- I may have as many as 15 read replicas not only in Frankfurt but also in other AWS regions.

- I have a special endpoint just for read operations. That one I like, because it allows me to have a look into the database without running the risk to accidently commit unwanted changes.

This migration to Aurora is a 180° turn to what I thought just some months ago. But I don't regret to do this turn and as AWS gets more and more services to Frankfurt, I will check which of these services I may use for this website.

 The second big thing is that Amazon EFS will be available in Frankfurt soon this year. So I'm already thinking about how to migrate my files to Amazon EFS as fast as possible, after EFS becomes available in Frankfurt. With EFS I may switch off my NFS server on EC2, which is a single point of failure at the moment. With Amazon EFS this single point of failure is eliminated, because on Amazon EFS everything gets replicated to all three AZs. Last but not least it scales with the amount of disk space I use with my files, which is awesome. As soon as Amazon EFS is part of the architecture that runs this website, I may open this website for everyone to register, which then would give the forums a reason for being there and maybe I get them alive.

So all in all big changes made in the past months and big changes still ahead for this website. I'm so excited!!!