Personal re:Invent 2017 recap

Submitted by loonyadmin on Sun, 12/10/2017 - 15:15

As some of you know, who know AWS for a longer time, AWS organize a kind of special fair in Las Vegas called re:Invent every year. I have to admit, that I was not in Las Vegas, but I watched the keynotes online and a lot of breakout sessions on Youtube.

Now I want to take the chance to mention my personal highlights of the many announcements made on re:Invent.

1. Amazon Aurora (MySQL) Multi-Master : I like this because not only read access is balanced across the cluster but also write access, which makes the whole cluster much more effective for this website and to configure such a feature myself would be a nightmare. In this case I get the feature as a service.  

2. Amazon GuardDuty I like this because it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to watch and secure my virtual private cloud in Frankfurt and it is not that expensive in comparison to external services.

3. AWS WAF Managed Rules This I like because I always wanted to use WAF but to configure each and every rule myself was a bit too much. Now I can subscribe to a rule-set in the AWS marketplace and the rule-set gets updated by the company offering the subscription.

In case you are thinking about getting your website into the Cloud you should really consider on of the big public cloud offers like AWS, Microsoft Azureor Google Cloud. It does take a bit more administration and money but it's worth the effort.